Teeth Whitening in Jupiter, Florida

What is the first thing a person will notice about you? 

Your teeth and smile quite often rank in the most common places a person will look first. So, it’s understandable why teeth whitening has become so popular.

At Harbor Breeze Dental Care, it has become the most requested cosmetic procedure we offer.

As such, Dr. Mark Kubiliun suggested we write a quick blog to explain how it works, and what it might cost to bleach your teeth here in Jupiter, Florida.

It’s surprising how great-looking teeth can completely change not just one's looks, but their confidence as well. Having a whiter smile is often considered an anti-aging practice, which can instantly "take off years from your face". And although whiter and brighter teeth are considered more attractive than yellow-toned teeth, the yellow tint in most people’s teeth are actually considered natural and healthy. Be careful not to overuse bleaching products. You will notice signs of sensitivity and translucency in your teeth if it is overdone. See a doctor immediately if the pain persists.

Many of our un-natural stains can be caused by lifestyle and diet. Smoking, eating certain foods, drinking coffee, and medications are some of the main culprits for the yellowish tint in most people's teeth. If you have one of these vices, spend a little time to clean your mouth out after use. It will be well worth the minimal effort. 

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So maybe you are ready to go a couple shades brighter. 

There are countless teeth whitening products on the market. Many are available for home use in the form of toothpaste, gel, strips, and mouthwash. Despite these convenient solutions, Dr. Mark Kubiliun always recommends getting your teeth whitened by a local professional to prevent any risk of overdoing the procedure and to ensure that your gums and teeth are regularly monitored. This process can weaken or even destroy your enamel if not handled properly, which can lead to even more expensive treatments. If you live here in Jupiter, Florida, Dr. Mark makes the process so smooth and easy, with no wait appointments.

You will be very surprised how affordable a professional teeth whitening experience can be. At Harbor Breeze Dental Care in Jupiter, Florida, Dr. Mark charges only $300 for the entire process. It requires two quick visits and comes with enough gel for the entire year. When considering the long-term benefits of this treatment, using a professional approach becomes your best value when looking to develop your brightest smile.For anyone who is interested in trying out our professional whitening system. Contact Us: info@harborbreezedentalcare.com Mention this blog post and receive an extra 25% OFF your order. 

Use the tips from Mark Kubiliun, DDS above to keep your teeth safe. But if you are starting to feel sensitivity or pain with your teeth, contact Harbor Breeze Dental Care in Jupiter, Florida to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark.

From all of us here at Harbor Breeze Dental Care, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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