Are you scared of the dentist in Jupiter, Florida?

Does the thought of having dental work make you cringe?  Is it so bad, that even driving by any dental office in Jupiter makes you shirk?  You may be among the nearly 8% of Americans that have odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia or dental anxiety—fear of dentistry.  Nearly 25% of us postpone going to the dentist due to anxiety until it’s absolutely necessary. Besides damaging your teeth, not getting proper dental care can impact other areas of health, making you more susceptible to heart disease and diabetes.

Here at Harbor Breeze Dental Care, in Jupiter, Florida we created a special program specifically for those nervous patients- You can see it here. We will cover the cost of your Inhalation Sedation, and we offer Free tours of the practice, to relax your body and mind.  

Here’s how to overcome your fear of the dentist.

First, examine your fear.  Is it anxiety or a phobia?

According to Colgate, you may have odontophobia if you:

  • Feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental exam.
  • Get increasingly nervous while you're in the waiting room.
  • Feel like crying when you think of going to the dentist. The sight of dental instruments ups your anxiety.
  • Thinking about a dental visit makes you feel physically ill.
  • Panic or have trouble breathing when objects are placed in your mouth during a dental appointment.

Tell your dentist if you have any of these experiences when in the dentist’s office so that your fears and concerns may be properly addressed.  You may also want to consider seeing a mental health professional for odontophobia. Don't let your fear hold you back from the smile you deserve.

Tips for lessening your fears, while in the dental chair:

  • Talk with your dentist.  Let them know your concerns and if you have a low pain tolerance threshold.  Discuss your sedative and anesthesia options with your doctor.
  • Bring a trusted friend or family member with you to your appointment.  Let them be your personal cheerleader.
  • Listen to music you like with headphones while you’re in the chair.
  • Breathe.  Breathe consciously while in the chair.  Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself

Six percent of adults, age 24 and older, reported that fear of pain kept them away from seeing the dentist. Be sure to ask about FREE Inhalation Sedation.  Our friendly staff doesn’t want the pain to keep you from getting the affordable dental care you need from Jupiter’s top dentist, Dr. Kubilun.

Call us today for a free tour, and we’ll lessen your fear of visiting the dentist.

From all of us here at Harbor Breeze Dental Care, thank you for taking the time to read this article! 

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