Dental Implants vs Dentures in Jupiter, FL

You may be a person of a certain age, and are starting to consider dentures- along with the 20 million adults with full or partial dentures.  However, just because you are a maturing into "senior-hood", it doesn’t mean that dentures are automatically in your dental future.  Sometimes, dentures are not the right choice for patients and dental implants are a better alternative.  

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Six helpful tips to consider:

  1. Dental implants are affixed to the jaw bone, becoming a natural part of your mouth.  Since dentures don’t become a part of the mouth, they can click or slip out, which may cause embarrassment, especially when kissing, coughing or even laughing.

  2. Dental implants give you a more natural-looking smile because they are fitted to your unique mouth structure.  Dental implants mimic the look and feel your natural teeth.

  3. Since dental implants are affixed to the jaw bone, they keep the jaw bone healthy.  Your jaw bone may react to the loss of your tooth, leading to bone loss.  Implants, since they mimic natural teeth and are affixed to the jaw bone, can maintain the health of your jaw and, and, therefore also maintain your appearance.

  4. Dental implants, when properly cared for, can last a lifetime, whereas dentures may have to be replaced more often.  Dentures may crack or break and need to be re-fitted as that occurs.

  5. With dental implants, there is no disruption of your dental hygiene routine.  You brush and floss like normal. Dentures must come out at night and be cleaned properly.

  6. The cost of implants varies, because dental implants are very personalized treatments.  Dentures however can cost anywhere from $1,500-$20,000, with the average cost being $9000.

Good habits today can help prevent costly dental procedures later in life.  Maintain your healthy habits and find you’ll have more options in the long run.  Dental implants are an affordable dental care option for many patients. However, it is imperative that patients have good gum health.  Keep this in mind when you are tempted to skip flossing!

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