Summer Teeth

SUMMER TEETH SENSITIVITY (about 1min 45sec read)

The ocean is calling your name, and traveling the world is top of mind, but have you prepared your teeth for the summer? One in eight adults have sensitive teeth, so don’t let your sensitive teeth prevent you from enjoying Jupiter, Florida’s best season. Routine check-ups and consistent dental hygiene habits can go a long way toward keeping the summer’s drinks and snacks from hurting your mouth.

Let’s look at some common culprits for summer-related tooth sensitivity:

  • Defective fillings where the gaps are open

  • Defective crown or bridge margins damaged from food and mouth acids.

  • Cracked teeth

  • Periodontal disease

  • Bite problems

  • Tooth grinding

  • Tooth clenching

  • Infected teeth and gums

  • Cavities

  • Large metal fillings

If you are experiencing sensitivity and have or suspect you have any of these oral health issues, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark as soon as you can. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle, bustle, and excitement of the summer season, but give your mouth a little vacation as well, and take care of your sensitive teeth.

Do you have sinus or allergy issues? Seasonal allergy sufferers can also have increased sensitivity in their teeth, especially as the seasons change. If your teeth are healthy, but you have allergies, sinus pain and pressure may be mistaken for tooth pain.

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Other tips to reduce and prevent sensitivity:

Be sure to breathe through your nose, especially when there’s a chill in the air. Wear a bite guard if you need to reduce pressure on your teeth. Most of all, keep up your healthy habits of brushing, flossing and using mouthwash regularly. Wash with a fluoride rinse and avoid alcohol-based rinses. Consider switching to a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. Avoid acidic foods and beverages as much as possible. If you grind your teeth when you sleep, you may need to change your sleeping position or take other preventative measures. Ten to fifteen percent of adults suffer from bruxism, which has a strong genetic component, but stress can lead to bruxism too. If you’re stressed out during the holidays, find ways to relax to quell teeth grinding. You deserve to have a holiday free from pain. 

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