Flavored Sparkling Water- Good or Bad for Teeth?

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Flavored sparkling water has become the new hit drink for so many Americans, possibly because we're always searching for that healthier option. And with so many of us being raised in a "soda world"- who can blame us?

There's just something about those bubbles.

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Now it's time for Dr. Mark to numb the fun.

Unfortunately the bubbles and the flavoring make the drinks more acidic, which can erode your tooth enamel over time. 

This post from DailyMail goes into some details on the pH levels if you are interested.

You might be surprised where the drink falls on the pH scale within our diet:

  • Carbonated drinks (e.g. sparkling water or diet cola) pH 3.0
  • Juices & smoothies (e.g. apple juice) pH 3.4
  • Wine pH 3.6
  • Salad dressing (e.g. vinegar) pH 3.6

But hey, sparkling drinks are less acidic than sodas, so you're doing OK as long as you learn to drink them in moderation, or use a few proper techniques.

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Dr. Mark Kubiliun states that the main culprit for decay might be our habit of constantly sipping and snacking throughout the day.

Since it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the mouth to recover from the acid- We must learn to give our teeth breaks between meals.

Drinking the beverage all at once might be the healthiest way to enjoy it. 

Drinking lots of water will always be the Healthiest option. This ADA article covers the benefit of water for your teeth. Not only does it hydrate your body, but it also cleans your mouth.

A little water makes the perfect Mouthwash throughout the day!

If you are having any pain in your mouth already, we suggest cutting back on the sugary drinks, and scheduling a visit with Dr. Mark. He is always very helpful with educating his Jupiter patients on the best path toward complete dental health.

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