How to: "Floss Like A Boss"

Please enjoy our latest video- It was created to help families understand the proper techniques for flossing. It’s only 1 minute & 18 seconds long.

Our dentist, Dr. Mark Kubiliun realized something like this was missing on the internet. A fun, positive spin on a traditionally boring and stale topic- FLOSSING- which we can all agree is incredibly important! 

In the video, we break down how to properly floss into 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Pull a piece of floss about 18 inches long, and wrap it around the middle finger of both hands.

boy holding 18 inches of dental floss.jpg

Step 2:

Hold it tightly between your thumbs and forefingers, then gently glide (don't snap) the floss between your teeth. 

showing how to hold floss tightly.jpg

Step 3:

Using the shape of a C follow the curve (up and down) against one side of your tooth until the floss reaches your gum line. Don’t forget those teeth in the back!

using c shape dental floss.jpg
At the beginning you might feel a bit of discomfort, but with more practice your gums will grow strong and healthy.

As an adult, maybe you've struggled with this same habit. Which we understand. Too many adults were raised in homes where Dental Hygiene was not a prevalent topic. We see them almost every day.

But now is our chance to slowly create better habits for ourselves and our children. New habits can sometimes be hard to start, but this explanation of How to Build a New Habit, by James Clear might help you find the confidence.

Trust us, it really does get easier- You will notice a more confident smile over time, not to mention, the potential to save money on future dental bills. 

Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth.

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Steps are current guidelines suggested by the American Dental Association.

Child actor, not a real dentist or a real dog.

This blog was approved by dentist- Dr. Mark Kubiliun in Jupiter, Florida.